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Table 1 Comparison of popular tree viewers. Description of column headers: A: displayable taxa (see Methods section for details), B: search function, C: tree comparison, D: coloring of subtrees, E: editing of labels, F: collapsing of subtrees, G: rerooting, H: rectangular view, I: slanted view, J: radial view, K: circular view, L: graphic export formats

From: Dendroscope: An interactive viewer for large phylogenetic trees

  A B C D E F G H I J K L
ATV 2 k         pdf
Dendroscope 350 k   eps, svg, png, jpg, gif, bmp
HyperTree 20 k   1        -
MEGA 20 k    emf
PHYLIP 1336 k2        ps, bmp, pict, pov, fig
SplitsTree4 1 k 3       eps, svg, png, jpg, gif, bmp
TreeDyn 5 k   ps, svg, png, jpg, gif, etc.
TreeJuxtaposer 1002 k         -
TreeView 2 k4    5 6   wmf, emf
  1. 1only single edges
  2. 2only if "Iterate to improve tree" is set to "no", though trees become illegible as there is no possibility of hiding or magnifying subtrees
  3. 3using consensus networks
  4. 4TreeViewX (equivalent to version 0.95 of TreeView): 50 k
  5. 5only labels
  6. 6only internal nodes