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Figure 2

From: h-Profile plots for the discovery and exploration of patterns in gene expression data with an application to time course data

Figure 2

h-Profile plot using 352 genes selected from the Cho et al data set using equation 5 with a critical cutoff estimated using the third quartile of the simulated values of RSS. The profile plots show a time series plot of the transformed gene expression values, colored according to the phase in which the maximum gene expression value occurred. A number of gene profiles on the outer edge of the bulk of the thumbnails are identified, all of which were in de Lichtenberg et al's top 300 list [11] and 9 in the Cho et al [12] list. By the geometry of the h-profile plot these genes can be expected to have the highest variance amongst the selected genes and therefore, in the sense of de Lichtenberg et al, to be strongly regulated.

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