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Figure 1

From: BIRCH: A user-oriented, locally-customizable, bioinformatics system

Figure 1

Creation of a dataset of plant defense gene sequences. To find genes related to pea defense protein DRR206, the DRR206 protein (PEADRRB) was selected in the GDE window (top), and TBLASTN was launched from the Database menu. The results appear in two windows (middle). The BLAST report appears in a text editor, and the accession numbers appear in a dGDE window. dGDE is a GDE implementation specialized for working with lists of identifiers. The list of accession numbers was selected in the dGDE window, and a request sent to the SeqHound data warehouse [27], retrieving the corresponding NCBI GI numbers. Next, the GI numbers were selected, and sequences were retrieved from SeqHound. The new GDE window (bottom), contains DNA sequences for all of the BLAST hits.

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