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Figure 6

From: BIRCH: A user-oriented, locally-customizable, bioinformatics system

Figure 6

Replaceable web page components. This section of the BIRCH home page contains links to documentation for desktops that are installed on the local system. In this example, the BIRCH distribution comes with links to two desktops available on the University of Manitoba Unix system: the Java Desktop and CDE. If BIRCH was installed at a site using the KDE desktop, this section could be replaced with links to KDE documentation. In each case, the 'First time setup' link points to a document which needs to be locally-written at each site, because of differences from site to site. In most cases, all that needs to be done is to modify one of the 'First time setup' documents distributed with BIRCH. The 'User's Guide' link will typically point to a generic User's Guide for a given desktop.

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