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Table 1 Translation of OBO aspects into OWL.

From: Understanding and using the meaning of statements in a bio-ontology: recasting the Gene Ontology in OWL

OBO stanza OWL Required/Optional
name OWL-DL class name required
id Extra-logical required
alt_id Extra-logical optional
namespace OWL namespace optional
definition Extra-logical optional
comment Extra-logical optional
subset Extra-logical optional
related_synonym "Some values from" restriction on related_synonym optional
exact_synonym Equivalent class optional
broad_synonym Superclass optional
narrow_synonym Subclass optional
xref_analog Extra-logical optional
xref_unknown Extra-logical optional
is_a Subclass optional
relationship "Some values from" restriction on object property optional
is_obsolete Extra-logical optional
use_term Object property optional
domain domain optional
range range optional
is_cyclic (see Section 6) optional
is_transitive transitive optional
is_symmetric symmetric optional