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Figure 1

From: eQTL Viewer: visualizing how sequence variation affects genome-wide transcription

Figure 1

The display of eQTL information from a yeast study by eQTL Viewer. A 1.5 LOD support interval around each eQTL peak was considered as an eQTL region. The graph shows all eQTL as small bars. The vertical coordinate of an eQTL corresponds to the genomic location of the eTrait gene, and the horizontal coordinate corresponds to the genomic locations of the candidate genes included in the eQTL region. The interactive graph can be zoomed in to enlarge any particular region of interest. When pointing to a specific eQTL, the names of genes in the eQTL and the name of the eTrait gene appear in the right sidebar and are linked to the yeast genome database. Each green dot indicates that an eQTL contains a T ranscriptional factor (the gene followed by a green 'T' in the right sidebar) which has a known binding site at the eTrait gene. Each red dot indicates that a gene (the one followed by a red 'C' in the right sidebar) within an eQTL can form a protein C omplex with the eTrait gene product.

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