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Table 2 Statistics of the LOFT analysis

From: Orthology prediction at scalable resolution by phylogenetic tree analysis

Species 178 27
Genes 294011 126230
genes per species (average) 1651.7 4675.2
Orthologous Groups (trees) 4325 8740
genes per OG (average) 68.0 14.4
Base groups 21130 11082
Unique spec./base group combinations 227143 103931
genes in uniq spec./base group comb . 77% 82%
  1. Statistics of the LOFT analysis of orthologous groups based on COGs and on Fungal Orthologous groups (FOGs). LOFT's parsing of the COGs into high resolution orthologous groups leads to a larger increase in the orthology resolution than the parsing of the FOGs, as reflected in the numbers of base groups. Notably, the FOGs started off with a higher resolution due to the application of the COG methodology on a set of closely related species.