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Table 1 Lipid internal standards The list of internal standards utilized in the demonstrations of the paper, their abbreviations, common names, amount in the sample, retention time in the UPLC/MS method described in the Methods, mean intensity as peak height, and coefficient of variance based on the 16-run liver repeatability study.

From: Normalization method for metabolomics data using optimal selection of multiple internal standards

Abbreviation Name Amount (μ g/sample) Retention time (s) Mean Intensity CV
LPC GPCho(17:0/0:0) 6.408 210 5574 0.118
Cer Cer(d18:1/17:0) 1.832 381 1044 0.197
PC GPCho(17:0/17:0) 0.198 388 521 0.111
PE GPEth(17:0/17:0) 1.790 392 316 0.134
TAG TG(17:0/17:0/17:0) 2.072 543 202 0.335