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Table 1 The reactions not associated with pathways in HumanCyc but for which there was a corresponding pathway in KEGG.

From: e-Science and biological pathway semantics

HumanCyc Reaction KEGG Pathway and corresponding reaction
cholesterol + an acyl-CoA = cholesterol ester + coenzyme A R0146 EC in Bile acid biosynthesis pathway
O2 + NADPH + cholesterol = H2O + NADP± + 7α-hydroxycholesterol R01453 EC 1.14.13.- in biosynthesis of steroids
NADP+ + cholesterol = 7-dehydro-cholesterol + NADPH R01456 EC in biosynthesis of steroids pathway
O2 + a reduced adrenal ferredoxin + cholesterol = H2O + an oxidized adrenal ferredoxin + 4-methylpentanal + pregnenolone R02724 EC in C21-Steroid hormone metabolism
  1. The numbers prefixed by R are the reaction numbers in the KEGG database.