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Table 1 GO terms mapped to Valle's HDG functional categories

From: Evaluation of high-throughput functional categorization of human disease genes

Valle's functional classifications GO terms GO names
Enzyme GO:0050662 mf:coenzyme binding
Enzyme GO:0019899 mf:enzyme binding
Enzyme GO:0050790 bp:regulation of enzyme activity
Enzyme GO:0003824 mf: catalytic activity
Enzyme GO:0016591 cc: DNA-directed RNA polymerase II, holoenzyme
Enzyme GO:0005697 cc: telomerase holoenzyme complex
Enzyme GO:0017101 cc: aminoacyl-tRNA synthetase multienzyme complex
Modulator protein function GO:0003754 mf: chaperon activity
Modulator protein function GO:0003757 mf: chaperon activity
Modulator protein function GO:0003758 mf: chaperon activity
Modulator protein function GO:0003760 mf: chaperon activity
Modulator protein function GO:0003761 mf: chaperon activity
Modulator protein function GO:0003767 mf: co-chaperon activity
Modulator protein function GO:0003768 mf: co-chaperon activity
Modulator protein function GO:0003769 mf: co-chaperon activity
Modulator protein function GO:0003770 mf: co-chaperon activity
Modulator protein function GO:0003771 mf: co-chaperon activity
Modulator protein function GO:0016238 bp: chaperone-related autophagy
Modulator protein function GO:0007022 bp: chaperone-mediated tubulin folding
Modulator protein function GO:0007023 bp: post-chaperonin tubulin folding pathway
Modulator protein function GO:0006462 bp: protein complex assembly, multichaperone pathway
Modulator protein function GO:0016465 cc:chaperonin ATPase complex
Modulator protein function GO:0005832 cc: chaperonin-containing T-complex
Receptor GO:0004872 mf: receptor activity
Receptor GO:0005102 mf: receptor binding
Receptor GO:0007166 bp: cell surface receptor linked signal transduction
Receptor GO:0005057 mf: receptor signaling protein activity
Transcription factor GO:0003700 mf: transcription factor activity
Transcription factor GO:0000130 mf: transcription factor activity
Transcription factor GO:0005667 cc: transcription factor complex
Transcription factor GO:0042990 bp: regulation of transcription factor-nucleus import
Transcription factor GO:0042991 bp: transcription factor-nucleus import
Intracellular matrix component GO:0005622 cc: intracellular
Intracellular matrix component GO:0046907 bp: intracellular transport
Intracellular matrix component GO:0008092 mf: cytoskeletal protein binding
Extracellular matrix component GO:0007160 bp: cell-matrix adhesion
Extracellular matrix component GO:0009989 bp: cell-matrix recognition
Extracellular matrix component GO:0005578 cc: extracellular matrix
Extracellular matrix component GO:0005921 cc: gap junction
Extracellular matrix component GO:0030055 cc: cell-matrix junction
Extracellular matrix component GO:0005201 mf: extracellular matrix structural constituent
Extracellular matrix component GO:0050840 mf: extracellular matrix binding
Transmembrane transporter GO:0005215 mf: transporter activity
Transmembrane transporter GO:0000036 mf: acyl carrier activity
Transmembrane transporter GO:0019793 mf: ISG15 carrier activity
Channel GO:0015267 mf: channel/pore class transporter activity
Channel GO:0008282 cc: ATP-sensitive potassium channel complex
Channel GO:0005891 cc: voltage-gated calcium channel complex
Channel GO:0016935 cc: glycine-gated chloride channel complex
Channel GO:0019183 cc: histamine-gated chloride channel complex
Channel GO:0005892 cc: nicotinic acetylcholine-gated receptor-channel complex
Channel GO:0008076 cc: voltage-gated potassium channel complex
Channel GO:0001518 cc: voltage-gated sodium channel complex
Hormone GO:0042562 mf: hormone binding
Hormone GO:0005179 mf: hormone activity
Hormone GO:0005131 mf: growth hormone receptor binding
Hormone GO:0046879 bp: hormone secretion
Hormone GO:0009725 bp: response to hormone stimulus
Hormone GO:0009755 bp: hormone mediated signaling
Hormone GO:0005831 cc: steroid hormone aporeceptor complex
Hormone GO:0016914 cc: follicle-stimulating hormone complex
Immunoglobulin GO:0019865 mf: immunoglobulin binding
Immunoglobulin GO:0019763 mf: immunoglobulin receptor activity
Immunoglobulin GO:0048305 bp: IG secretion
Immunoglobulin GO:0045190 bp: isotype switching
Immunoglobulin GO:0019814 cc: immunoglobulin complex
Cell signalling GO:0019955 mf: cytokine binding
Cell signalling GO:0005125 mf: cytokine activity
Cell signalling GO:0019221 bp: cytokine and chemokine mediated signaling pathway
Cell signalling GO:0042089 cytokine biosynthesis
Cell signalling GO:0019838 mf: growth factor binding
Cell signalling GO:0008083 mf: growth factor activity