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Table 3 Twenty pairs of finished Medicago truncatula BACs with obvious sequencing errors detected by ClustDB

From: Simultaneous identification of long similar substrings in large sets of sequences

type upstream downstream type upstream downstream
1 AC136973 AC146774 1 AC151621 AC127168
1 AC143339 AC160629 1 AC153460 AC137837
1 AC174291 AC166286 1 AC170800 AC141922
1 AC174299 AC152886 1 AC147013 AC138010
1 AC148097 AC140551 2 AC135234 AC149208
2 AC138526 AC148775 1 AC144476 AC147431
2 AC125474 AC121246 1 AC174378 AC150647
3 AC142394 AC147435 1 AC148347 AC135229
1 AC138017 AC135800 1 AC140720 AC147000
1 AC135800 AC157757 1 AC147000 AC136142
  1. The two columns named 'type' denote the kind of the problem as described in the section "Testing ClustDB on TIGR's current Medicago BAC assembly". The first case is depicted in Figure 2.