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Figure 2

From: Analysis of circadian pattern reveals tissue-specific alternative transcription in leptin signaling pathway

Figure 2

Overlapping target sequences for Affymentrix probesets in 3'UTR of murine SOCS3 gene. Affymetrix mouse gene expression GeneChip 430 has 3 probesets for SOCS3 gene derived from 3 target sequences. These overlapping stretches of 3'UTR are highlighted with grey, dark gray and underlining on panel A. Panel B shows a map of overlapping target sequences (gray) in SOCS3 3'UTR (white). The probesets 1416576_at, 1456212_x_at and 1455899_x_at demonstrate individual expression pattern. Three plots of circadian profiles for these probesets on panel C are arranged in the same 5' to 3' order as overlapping target sequences on panel B. The last two probesets oscillate in the counter-phase to the first one.

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