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Figure 2

From: Systems biology approach for mapping the response of human urothelial cells to infection by Enterococcus faecalis

Figure 2

K-means and PAINT clustering of VHV genes over the time course of infection. A) Map of up- and down-regulated gene clusters assembled from 239 VHV genes. Red/Green mark increase/decrease in relative gene expression level referenced to the median of the gene over time, respectively. B) Common TREs for given clusters. Color bars at right represent different gene clusters. Red indicates genes sharing overrepresented (p < 0.05) TREs, grey/blue mark genes with not significantly overrepresented/underrepresented TREs, respectively. A larger version complete with gene names is provided in the Additional file 3. A schematic diagram of the significant functions identified by IPA can be found in Figure 5.

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