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Figure 7

From: The α-Hemolysin nanopore transduction detector – single-molecule binding studies and immunological screening of antibodies and aptamers

Figure 7

Example that provides a very clear, stable, blockade direct by an Ab. Top: A toggle signal is generated as a channel-captured region of the molecule (IgG) wiggles above the limiting aperture of the alpha-hemolysin channel varying the ionic current between two transient states. Bottom: Antibody Toggle HMM Signal Profile. The 150 feature vectors obtained from the 50-state HMM-EM/Viterbi implementation in [6-11] are: the 50 dwell percentage in the different blockade levels (from the Viterbi trace-back states), the 50 variances of the emission probability distributions associated with the different states, and the 50 merged transition probabilities from the primary and secondary blockade occupation levels (fits to two-state dominant modulatory blockade signals).

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