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Table 2 Mean similarity between profiles for both the interwoven and the loop design

From: Evaluation of time profile reconstruction from complex two-color microarray designs

  Interwoven design Loop design
  lmbr lmbr_dye limmaQual anovaFix lmbr/lmbr_dye limmaQual anovaFix
lmbr_dye 0.9477     1.0000   
limmaQual 0.9940 0.9359    0.9844   
anovaFix 0.9321 0.9572 0.9157   0.9514 0.9252  
anovaMix 0.9138 0.9373 0.8989 0.9767 0.9186 0.8934 0.9611
  1. Values in the table correspond to the similarity between any two methods, expressed as the mean profile similarity of the genes. Since the loop design is balanced with respect to the dyes, the results for lmbr and lmbr_dye were the same (see 'Methods' section), which is why they are not treated differently. No filtering applied and similarity is assessed for all 2999 profile estimates.