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Table 1 Linguistic realization of the word "inhibit" in various context

From: Corpus annotation for mining biomedical events from literature

Our results indicate that ESI inhibits NF-kappaB activation.
We investigated the capacity of EC to inhibit NF-kappaB activation.
Baicalin was shown to inhibit the NF-kappaB cascade
Montelukast prevents the decrease of interleukin-10 and inhibits NF-kappaB activation.
Inhibition of ERK1/2 abrogated genistein-mediated NfkappaB activation
Combined pharmacologic PARP inhibition and irradiation with 15 Gy significantly reduced neointimal hyperplasia
Derived nouns and Pre-nominal modifiers
Calcineurin acts in synergy with PMA to inactivate I kappa B/MAD3, an inhibitor of NF-kappa B.
In this report we have examined the efficacy of the gold compound AuTG as an inhibitor of HIV replication.
The inhibitory effect of CaM-K II on IL-2 promoter was associated with decreased transcription of its AP-1 and NF-AT transactivating pathways.
Western blotting analysis indicated that E3330 inhibited degradation of I kappa B-alpha, which is an inhibitory protein of NF-kappa B.
Complex expressions, Constructions with weak verbs
These findings establish that Rel can function as an inhibitor of gene expression and is required by T lymphocytes for production of IL-3 and GM-CSF.