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Table 3 Age and tissue effects on the expression of member genes involved in two predictable GO biological processes a

From: Term-tissue specific models for prediction of gene ontology biological processes using transcriptional profiles of aging in drosophila melanogaster

Term Gene Age effect Tissue effect interaction
GO:0006122 CG17856 7.02E-01 3.79E-04 6.25E-01
GO:0006122 CG3560 7.68E-02 1.51E-08 6.49E-01
GO:0006122 CG3731 3.27E-03 1.29E-19 4.07E-01
GO:0006122 CG4169 3.73E-01 2.11E-08 9.99E-01
GO:0006122 CG4769 7.62E-01 2.44E-12 2.63E-01
GO:0006122 CG7580 2.51E-03 7.41E-14 6.29E-01
GO:0016579 CG12082 6.56E-02 3.96E-08 4.89E-02
GO:0016579 CG1490 1.44E-01 1.46E-01 1.99E-01
GO:0016579 CG15817 7.27E-01 5.67E-05 4.70E-01
GO:0016579 CG4165 6.35E-01 8.09E-05 6.57E-01
GO:0016579 CG5384 1.09E-01 4.81E-07 5.55E-02
GO:0016579 CG5798 9.07E-01 4.66E-01 9.76E-01
GO:0016579 CG7023 9.52E-01 1.26E-01 9.55E-01
GO:0016579 CG8494 8.97E-01 2.44E-02 9.19E-01
GO:0016579 CG8830 4.64E-02 8.38E-04 7.04E-01
  1. a listed in 3–5th columns are the p-values.