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Table 1 Splice junction prediction sensitivities of three different scoring models.

From: Improving the prediction of mRNA extremities in the parasitic protozoan Leishmania

Scoring Function Exact < 25 nt
Longest Inter-AG Length 49.5 58.9
Linear Y-bias 53.7 65.9
Polynomial Y-bias 53.3 64.0
Inter-AG Length + LDA* 58.6 72.1
Linear Y-bias** 58.9 74.3
Polynomial Y-bias** 60.7 74.3
  1. * Interpreted from [23]
  2. ** Using same search space as Inter-AG + Linear Discriminant Analysis
  3. Values are the ratio (%) of correct predictions among the 214 sequences in the test set, for exact predictions and predictions within 25 bases of the sequenced 5' splice junction. The upper half displays values obtained using a search space of 700 whereas the lower half displays predictions using the same query size as the linear discriminant analysis.