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Table 3 Accuracy of mRNA extremity predictions.

From: Improving the prediction of mRNA extremities in the parasitic protozoan Leishmania

  Splice-Junction Prediction Poly(A) Prediction
  Exact < 25 nt < 10 nt < 100 nt
Sensitivity 48.6% 58.9% 25.2% (1.5) 45.4% (1.2)
Specificity* 96.4% 97.3%
  1. * Tested on all 3789 annotated coding sequences over 1500 nucleotides in length in L. infantum
  2. True positive (sensitivity) and false positive (specificity) rates are depicted for the best splice-junction and poly(A) site prediction methods. Percentages represent the relative amount of hits that score above a statistical threshold derived from empirical data. The values in parentheses are the standard deviation for poly(A) site prediction sensitivities determined by 15 runs of ten fold cross-validation.