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Table 3 Topological accuracy with datasets generated from Driskell et al. [20]

From: Fast NJ-like algorithms to deal with incomplete distance matrices

(a): medium level
FITCH MW* NJ* BIONJ* MVR*   p -value
       MVR* – FITCH MVR* – BIONJ*
0.0234 0.0268 0.0289 0.0227 0.0171   ≈ 0.0 ≈ 0.0
(b): high level
       MVR* – FITCH MVR* – MRP
0.0161 0.0165 0.0182 0.0172 0.0101 0.0119 0.001 0.193
  1. (a): Medium-level combination of the distance matrices being directly estimated from the gene sequences. (b): High-level combination; ML trees are first inferred separately for every genes; MRP turns the gene trees into a matrix of partial binary characters, which is analyzed with parsimony; with the other (distance) methods, the gene trees are turned into path-length distance matrices which are combined into the distance supermatrix. All combinations of source distance matrices are achieved using SDM. p-value: sign-test significance when comparing the 100 d q values of MVR* (our best algorithm) to those of FITCH and MRP. For other symbols and notation, see note to Table 1.