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Figure 6

From: Predicting cancer involvement of genes from heterogeneous data

Figure 6

Contour maps for positive predictive value and sensitivity obtained when varying the thresholds applied by the integrative approach. In each of the following images, the x-axis is the SF-Probability threshold and the y-axis is the cancer linker degree (CLD) threshold. For a given restriction on the number of cancer types in which a gene must be differentially expressed in order to be considered a candidate (no restriction, at least two cancer types and at least 5 cancer types), the positive predictive value and sensitivity are provided for each combination of CLD and SF-Probability. Positive predictive values and sensitivities are shown using colored contour maps, from red (i.e. 0) to turquoise (i.e., 0.7 for positive predictive value and 0.3 for sensitivity). For example, imposing a gene to be differentially expressed in at least two cancer types, with a CLD of 6 and with an SF-Probability of 0.4, the positive predictive value is 0.4 for sensitivity of 0.05.

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