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Figure 7

From: Predicting cancer involvement of genes from heterogeneous data

Figure 7

Positive predictive value calculated for diverse overlaps of cancer gene candidates. The criteria applied was the following: (i) cancer linker degree ≥ 5; (ii) differentially expressed in at least four cancer types; and (iii) SF-Probability ≥ 0.6. The Venn diagram shows the total number of candidates, the number of hits (i.e. known cancer genes among the candidates) and the positive predictive value for overlap case. For example, the positive predictive value when solely applying an SF-Probability threshold of 0.6 was 14%. In contrast, when combining the SF-Probability with a cancer linker degree threshold of 5, the positive predictive value was 37% (59 hits for a total of 158 candidates).

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