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Table 3 Mean distance in control condition

From: Natural Language Processing in aid of FlyBase curators

Total mean 1760.20 595.01
Counts 375 458
Standard deviation 2476.82 1591.97
CUR01 mean 1679.64 189.55
Counts 334 201
Standard deviation 2507.45 660.43
CUR02 mean 2416.51 912.13
Counts 41 257
Standard deviation 2126.30 1988.33
  1. Mean distance in tokens (DIST) between text marked in a navigated event (PREV:FIND) or an unnavigated event (PREV:NONE) and the text highlighted in the immediately preceding event in the control condition (NAVS:OFF). Curator-specific data are indicated by the curator's ID (CUR01 vs CUR02). Mean is calculated as the sum of all observations divided by the number of observations (counts).