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Table 14 Annotations of molecular function ontology for biclusters identified by the proposed algorithm for multiplicative models at p-value < 0.001.

From: Identification of coherent patterns in gene expression data using an efficient biclustering algorithm and parallel coordinate visualization

Bicluster index Annotation P-value Corrected P-value Genes
1 DNA-directed RNA polymerase activity 1.62E-05 2.62E-03 YBR154C, YDL140C, YDL150W, YDR045C, YDR156W, YJL140W, YNL113W, YNR003C, YOR224C, YOR341W
  snoRNA binding 1.55E-04 2.51E-02 YBL004W, YDL153C, YDR449C, YGR090W, YLR222C, YML093W, YMR093W, YPR112C, YPR137W
3 MAP kinase kinase activity 9.00E-04 4.50E-02 YJL128C, YPL140C
7 ATPase activity, coupled 3.55E-04 6.04E-03 YLL026W, YPL240C
  aldo-keto reductase activity 3.55E-04 6.04E-03 YHR104W, YOR120W
11 chromatin binding 6.21E-05 3.66E-03 YEL032W, YJL081C, YLR002C, YLR274W, YPR019W
14 protein phosphatase type 2C activity 4.51E-04 6.77E-03 YCR079W, YDL006W
24 structural constituent of ribosome 3.69E-75 1.88E-73 YBL027W, YBL038W, YBL072C, YBL092W, YBR031W, YBR048W, YBR181C, YBR189W, YBR191W, YCR031C, YDL061C, YDL075W, YDL081C, YDL082W, YDL083C, YDL130W, YDL136W, YDL191W, YDR012W, YDR025W, YDR064W, YDR382W, YDR418W, YDR447C, YDR450W, YDR471W, YDR500C, YER074W, YER102W, YER117W, YER131W, YGR118W, YGR214W, YHR141C, YIL069C, YJL136C, YJL177W, YJL189W, YJL190C, YJR123W, YJR145C, YKL006W, YKL156W, YKL180W, YKR057W, YKR094C, YLL045C, YLR029C, YLR048W, YLR075W, YLR167W, YLR185W, YLR325C, YLR333C, YLR340W, YLR344W, YLR388W, YLR406C, YLR441C, YLR448W, YML024W, YML026C, YML063W, YML073C, YMR121C, YMR143W, YMR194W, YMR230W, YMR242C, YNL067W, YNL096C, YNL162W, YNL301C, YNL302C, YOL039W, YOL040C, YOL127W, YOR167C, YOR234C, YOR293W, YOR312C, YOR369C, YPL081W, YPL090C, YPL143W, YPL198W, YPR043W, YPR102C
  translation elongation factor activity 4.78E-04 2.44E-02 YAL003W, YBR118W, YDR385W, YLR249W
  DNA helicase activity 6.99E-05 3.57E-03 YDR545W, YER190W, YLR467W, YNL339C, YPL283C, YPR204W
  RNA binding 4.35E-04 2.22E-02 YAR009C, YCR031C, YDL208W, YJR027W, YKL006W, YLR029C, YLR344W, YLR448W, YML039W, YML045W, YML073C, YMR045C, YMR050C, YMR121C, YMR194W, YOL127W
  helicase activity 1.61E-08 8.22E-07 YBL113C, YEL077C, YIL177C, YJL225C, YLL066C, YLL067C, YML133C
35 RNA binding 3.28E-05 1.05E-03 YCL020W, YER160C, YJR026W, YJR028W, YML040W, YMR290C, YOR142W, YPR107C
36 glycine dehydrogenase (decarboxylating) activity 1.94E-05 5.62E-04 YAL044C, YDR019C, YMR189W
50 long-chain-fatty-acid-CoA ligase activity 5.58E-04 1.06E-02 YIL009W, YOR317W
  glycerol-3-phosphate dehydrogenase (NAD+) activity 1.88E-04 3.56E-03 YDL022W, YOL059W
  citrate (Si)-synthase activity 5.58E-04 1.06E-02 YCR005C, YNR001C
52 structural constituent of cytoskeleton 5.63E-04 9.57E-03 YDR016C, YGR113W, YHR129C, YNL126W
54 ATP-dependent DNA helicase activity 3.25E-04 1.11E-02 YBR202W, YGL201C, YLR274W
  ATP binding 3.25E-04 1.11E-02 YBR202W, YDR097C, YNL082W
56 ATP binding 1.64E-04 3.78E-03 YDR097C, YNL082W, YOL090W
  structural constituent of cytoskeleton 4.43E-05 1.02E-03 YDR356W, YGR113W, YKL042W, YOR373W, YPL124W
  guanine/thymine mispair binding 2.17E-04 5.00E-03 YDR097C, YOL090W
  single base insertion or deletion binding 2.17E-04 5.00E-03 YDR097C, YOL090W
  four-way junction DNA binding 2.17E-04 5.00E-03 YDR097C, YOL090W
57 structural constituent of cytoskeleton 7.39E-04 1.85E-02 YBL063W, YMR117C, YOR373W, YPL124W
58 copper ion binding 6.45E-04 1.42E-02 YBR037C, YBR295W
59 guanine/thymine mispair binding 1.97E-04 4.73E-03 YDR097C, YOL090W
  four-way junction DNA binding 1.97E-04 4.73E-03 YDR097C, YOL090W
  single base insertion or deletion binding 1.97E-04 4.73E-03 YDR097C, YOL090W