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Table 9 Annotations of biological process ontology for biclusters identified by the proposed algorithm for additive models at p-value < 0.001.

From: Identification of coherent patterns in gene expression data using an efficient biclustering algorithm and parallel coordinate visualization

Bicluster index Annotation P-value Corrected P-value Genes
1 chromatin modification 3.84E-04 1.39E-01 YBR081C, YBR198C, YDR392W, YDR448W, YGL112C, YMR236W, YNL097C
  histone acetylation 4.84E-04 1.76E-01 YBR081C, YBR198C, YDR392W, YDR448W, YFL039C, YGL112C, YJL081C, YMR236W, YNL136W
  endocytosis 7.24E-04 2.63E-01 YBR109C, YCL034W, YDR388W, YDR490C, YER166W, YFL039C, YGL106W, YHR001W, YHR073W, YNL084C, YNL227C, YNL243W, YOR089C, YOR109W, YOR327C, YPL145C
2 aerobic respiration 2.47E-04 4.34E-02 YBR026C, YDL174C, YDR231C, YHR001W, YMR030W, YMR081C, YPL132W, YPL159C
3 ribosome biogenesis and assembly 2.75E-13 4.73E-11 YBL024W, YBR142W, YDL153C, YDL167C, YDR060W, YDR120C, YDR312W, YDR365C, YEL026W, YER082C, YGL099W, YGR162W, YGR245C, YJL033W, YJR002W, YJR066W, YLL008W, YLR175W, YLR401C, YNL110C, YNL132W, YNL175C, YOL077C, YOR145C, YOR272W, YPL126W
  35S primary transcript processing 2.23E-06 3.84E-04 YCL031C, YDR339C, YER082C, YGR090W, YJL033W, YJR002W, YLL008W, YLR175W, YOR145C, YPR137W
4 ergosterol biosynthetic process 1.08E-04 1.33E-02 YLR450W, YML008C, YMR202W, YMR208W
  translational elongation 1.87E-06 2.30E-04 YAL003W, YDL081C, YDR382W, YDR385W, YLR249W, YLR340W, YOL039W
  regulation of translational fidelity 7.04E-07 8.67E-05 YBR048W, YDL229W, YDR025W, YGR118W, YNL209W, YPL081W
  ribosomal small subunit assembly and maintenance 6.90E-05 8.49E-03 YBR048W, YDR025W, YDR447C, YGR214W, YLR048W, YLR167W
  ribosomal large subunit assembly and maintenance 6.83E-06 8.40E-04 YBR142W, YDR312W, YLR075W, YLR340W, YLR448W, YML073C, YOL127W, YPR102C
  translation 6.92E-44 8.51E-42 YBL072C, YBL092W, YBR048W, YBR268W, YDL061C, YDL075W, YDL081C, YDL082W, YDL083C, YDL136W, YDL191W, YDL229W, YDR012W, YDR025W, YDR064W, YDR382W, YDR447C, YDR450W, YDR471W, YDR500C, YER074W, YER117W, YER131W, YGR118W, YGR214W, YHL001W, YHR141C, YIL069C, YJL136C, YJL190C, YJR123W, YKL056C, YKL156W, YKR057W, YKR094C, YLR048W, YLR075W, YLR167W, YLR185W, YLR325C, YLR340W, YLR388W, YLR441C, YLR448W, YML026C, YML063W, YML073C, YMR143W, YMR242C, YNL067W, YNL096C, YNL162W, YNL209W, YNL301C, YNL302C, YNL306W, YOL039W, YOL040C, YOL127W, YOR167C, YOR234C, YOR293W, YOR312C, YOR369C, YPL081W, YPL090C, YPL143W, YPL198W, YPR102C
6 protein folding 3.15E-04 1.51E-02 YDR214W, YFL016C, YML130C, YNL007C, YOR027W
  copper ion import 3.98E-04 1.91E-02 YLR411W, YPR124W
8 tricarboxylic acid cycle 8.65E-04 1.03E-01 YDR178W, YIL125W, YLL041C, YNL037C
  mitochondrial electron transport, ubiquinol to cytochrome c 4.23E-04 5.04E-02 YEL024W, YHR001W, YOR065W
  ubiquitin-dependent protein catabolic process 3.41E-04 4.05E-02 YBR173C, YDR394W, YJL001W, YMR119W, YOL038W
9 cytokinesis, contractile ring contraction 1.51E-04 3.17E-03 YBR038W, YHR023W
10 cell morphogenesis checkpoint 8.19E-04 7.37E-02 YJL187C, YKL101W
  chitin biosynthetic process 8.19E-04 7.37E-02 YER096W, YNL233W
  mitotic sister chromatid cohesion 6.67E-06 6.01E-04 YFL008W, YIL026C, YJL019W, YMR076C, YMR078C, YNL273W
14 glycolysis 4.18E-04 3.81E-02 YCL040W, YDR050C, YJR009C, YKL152C
  ribosomal small subunit assembly and maintenance 9.27E-04 8.43E-02 YDR337W, YGR214W, YLR167W, YML024W
15 protein folding 4.54E-04 1.22E-02 YAL005C, YBR169C, YDR214W, YLR216C
19 tricarboxylic acid cycle 7.49E-05 2.55E-03 YDR148C, YLL041C, YNR001C
24 response to stress 3.45E-04 3.45E-03 YBR072W, YDR258C, YPL240C
25 SRP-dependent cotranslational protein targeting to membrane, translocation 4.27E-04 8.12E-03 YAL005C, YER103W
  response to stress 6.85E-05 1.30E-03 YAL005C, YDR258C, YER103W, YPL240C
  protein folding 5.73E-04 1.09E-02 YAL005C, YDR258C, YER103W
  protein refolding 2.86E-04 5.43E-03 YAL005C, YPL240C