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Figure 5

From: Highly accurate sigmoidal fitting of real-time PCR data by introducing a parameter for asymmetry

Figure 5

Goodness-of-fit in the exponential region of the amplification curve. Upper panel: Zoom-in view for the goodness of fit in the exponential region of a qPCR curve. Three different models were fit to the exponential region of a typical qPCR curve which was identified by the method described in [9]: An exponential model (green), a four-parameter log-logistic model (black) and a five-parameter log-logistic model (red). Lower panel: Residual values for seven points within the exponential regions of 24 qPCR data fits (six dilutions, four replicates each) for the three models. Colour coding same as above. Values are shown as mean + s.d.).

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