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Table 2 List of genome expression experiments on S. cerevisiae used in the sign inference process

From: Inferring the role of transcription factors in regulatory networks

Experiment Identifier Description Ref.
E1 Diauxic Shift [40]
E2 Sporulation [41]
E3 Expression analysis of Snf2 mutant [42]
E4 Expression analysis of Swi1 mutant [42]
E5 Pho metabolism [43]
E6 Nitrogen Depletion [44]
E7 Stationary Phase [44]
E8 Heat Shock from 21°C to 37°C [44]
E9 Heat Shock from 17°C to 37°C [44]
E10 Wild type response to DNA-damaging agents [45]
E11 Mec1 mutant response to DNA-damaging agents [45]
E12 Glycosylation defects on gene expression [46]
E13 Cells grown to early log-phase in YPE (Rich medium with 2% of Ethanol) [47]
E14 Cells grown to early log-phase in YPG (Rich medium with 2% of Glycerol) [47]
E15 Titratable promoter alleles – Ero1 mutant [48]
  1. All experiments contain information on steady state shift and their curated data is available in SGD (Saccharomyces Genome Database) [32].