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Table 3 SP175 dataset cross-validation.

From: Combining sequence-based prediction methods and circular dichroism and infrared spectroscopic data to improve protein secondary structure determinations

Method α-helix (H) β-Sheet (E) Other (G, I, T, B, S, C)
  r δ r δ r δ
CD 0.970 0.053 0.919 0.063 0.787 0.065
SEQ 0.972 0.052 0.918 0.068 0.864 0.070
CD+SEQ 0.985 0.040 0.950 0.054 0.894 0.050
  1. Cross-validation prediction accuracy of the secondary structure content prediction of proteins in the SP175 dataset. The performance parameters from CD, sequence based (SEQ), and consensus methods are shown. The best performance parameters for each secondary structural type are shown in bold.