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Table 1 Feature comparison of integrative analysis platforms

From: MD-SeeGH: a platform for integrative analysis of multi-dimensional genomic data

  MD-SeeGH VAMP/CAPweb ISACGH CGH Analytics CGHPRO CGH Explorer Blue Fuse ArrayCyGHt M-CGH SeeGHv1.6
ISCN Reporting          
Integrative Analysis with Expression data       
Multiple Sample Visualization     
Gene Tracks       
Other Tracks (ie.miRNA, CNV, CpG island, etc.)         
Links to external websites (ie. NCBI, UCSC, etc.)       
Mapping files (different Genomic Builds)         
Integration of third party analysis tools        
Frequency Plot     
Group analysis        
Free public access      
Data storage (samples only loaded once)         
Web based software          
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