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Table 3 PrP regions including amyloidogenic determinants according to [21]

From: AMYPdb: A database dedicated to amyloid precursor proteins

Segments of PrP sequence Mutations Modification sites
SNQNNFVHD CV NIT IKQHTF D178N, V180I, T183A N-Glycozylation 181–184 Kinase C 183–185 Disulfide 179–214
KMMER VVEQ MCITQ YER R208H, V210I, E211Q, Q212P, Q217R Kinase II 216–219 Disulfide 179–214
  1. Column 1: Human prion protein (P04156), segments 170–188, 204–220, and 237–253. Underlined amino acids are those of column 2. Columns 2 and 3: Pathologenic point mutations and potential protein modifications according to UniProtKB.