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Table 1 Description of six informative genes (one is duplicated among seven genes) selected from the combined data set after transformation by the proposed method.

From: Improving the prediction accuracy in classification using the combined data sets by ranks of gene expressions

Gene ID Gene name UniGene ID Symbol Chromosomal Location
AA485151 heat shock 105 kda/110 kda protein 1 Hs.36927 HSPH1 13q12.3
AA425217 cadherin 3, type 1, p-cadherin (placental) Hs.554598 CDH3 16q22.1
AA464731 s100 calcium binding protein a11 (calgizzarin) Hs.417004 S100A11 1q21
AA504130 cytoskeleton associated protein 2 Hs.444028 CKAP2 13q14
AA455925 four and a half lim domains 1 Hs.435369 FHL1 Xq26
AW050510 pyrroline-5-carboxylate reductase 1 Hs.458332 PYCR1 17q25.3