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Table 1 Comparison of SpliceCenter features with those of other web-based splicing resources

From: SpliceCenter: A suite of web-based bioinformatic applications for evaluating the impact of alternative splicing on RT-PCR, RNAi, microarray, and peptide-based studies

SpliceCenter Capability AceView ASAP ATSD fastdb2 Hollywood EUSplice ECgene Splicy
   Simple, Intuitive Interface        
   Help and Sample Queries * * * *
Splice Variants         
   Graphical display of gene's splice variants
   Identifies coding regions      
   Identifies NMD targets        
   Human, Mouse, and Rat * * * *
   Primer sequence query showing position in variants       
   Batch high-throughput primer query         
   siRNA sequence query showing position in variants         
   Batch high-throughput hit/miss report for siRNAs         
   Display pre-computed target positions of Affymetrix, Agilent, Illumina, and ExonHit probesets in gene's variants         *
   Display integrated graphic of microarray probe targets and primer target positions.         
   Batch high-throughput query of pre-computed probe/probeset target positions         *
   Peptide sequence query displaying source coding region in splice variants         
   Batch high-throughput peptide query         
  1. This table shows the capabilities of SpliceCenter in the first column and identifies other splicing database websites with similar features. The comparison is done from the point of view of a biologist interested in investigating the impact of alternative splicing on a sequence-based assay. Other sites contain features not found in SpliceCenter but which are not directly applicable to the focused tasks addressed by our tools. A '✔'indicates presence of a feature, a blank cell indicates absence of a feature, and a '*' indicates partial implementation of a feature.