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Table 2 Incomplete and erroneous Ensembl Compara orthology annotations for vertebrate Hox cluster loci.

From: SynBlast: Assisting the analysis of conserved synteny information

Ref. cluster Genes Clusters
  Δ β n M K
HoxA 11 2 148 5 16
HoxB 25 2 118 12 16
HoxC 11 2 88 6 10
HoxD 20 7 113 13 16
  1. We list the total number n of Hox and Evx genes in the dataset; the number Δ of Hox and Evx gene orthology assignments (see Figure 4 that are well-supported (query coverage > 30%) by SynBlast but that are missing in the Compara annotation; the number β of well-supported assignments with incorrect annotations in Compara (paralog). We furthermore list the number M of the K Hox clusters in the dataset which contain apparently missing and/or erroneous Compara annotations. All data refer to Ensembl release 42 (Dec 2006).