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Table 3 Significant functional gene sets related to p53 mutational status by Sub-GSE.

From: Testing gene set enrichment for subset of genes: Sub-GSE

Set Name q-value
Hypoxia and p53 in the Cardiovascular system <0.001
G1 and S Phases of the Cell Cycle <0.001
p53 Signaling Pathway (p53 Pathway) 0.022
TrkA Signaling Pathway 0.022
P53 Upregulated Genes 0.022
p53 Signaling Pathway Genes(p53_signalling) 0.029
Cell Cycle: G2/M Checkpoint 0.029
G2 and M Phases of the Cell Cycle 0.029
Programmed Cell Death 0.029
DNA Damage Signaling Pathway 0.029
Radiation Sensitivity Genes 0.029
Cell Cycle Regulator Genes 0.029
ATM Signaling Pathway 0.029
Ceramide Signaling Pathway 0.029
Drug Resistance and Metabolism Genes 0.029
Stress Induction of HSP Regulation 0.029
Multi-step Regulation of Transcription by Pitx2 0.029
Fas Signaling Pathway 0.029
  1. Significant functional gene sets (q-value ≤ 0.03) detected in 50 of the NCI-60 cell lines. The q-values are calculated by Sub-GSE.