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Table 3 List of query sequences used in different performance comparisons

From: CBESW: Sequence Alignment on the Playstation 3

Accession number Query Sequence Length Comparison w/SSEARCH Comparison w/Striped SW Comparison w/CUDA
O29181 63
P03630 127
P02232 143   
P05013 189   
P14942 222   
P00762 246   
P53765 255
Q8ZGB4 361
P10318 362   
P07327 374   
P01008 464   
P10635 497   
P58229 511  
P25705 553   
P42357 657
P21177 729
Q38941 850
O60341 852
  1. List of query sequences, as well as their respective accession number, used in different performance comparisons with other publicly available implementations of SW-based protein database scanning, namely SSEARCH, Striped Smith-Waterman and CUDA.