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Table 2 Taxonomic annotations obtained from source databases

From: GlycomeDB – integration of open-access carbohydrate structure databases

Database Taxonomy
data format
Structures with
taxonomic annotation
Unique species
names or IDs
Unique NCBI
taxonomy IDs
BCSDB NCBI ID 6747 451 451
CarbBank free text 13521 2471 1594
CFG free text 2966 273 240
GlycoBase (Lille) free text 178 13 13 NCBI ID 5384 312 312
  1. Five source databases provided taxonomic annotations in the format listed. For each database the numbers listed are: total structures with taxonomic annotations (column 3), unique species names or IDs found (column 4), and unique NCBI taxonomy IDs remaining after data integration and standardization in GlycomeDB (column 5). The large difference between the number of free-text names and assigned NCBI IDs is a result of the usage of different names for the same species and names which could not be translated to NCBI taxonomy IDs.