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Table 2 Sequence constraints learned by BBNet and GBNet in the five human YY1 clusters. The functional depth for each motif is in parentheses.

From: GBNet: Deciphering regulatory rules in the co-regulated genes using a Gibbs sampler enhanced Bayesian network approach

Cluster BBNet GBNet
  Rules, P-value Bayesian Score Rules, P-value Bayesian Score
H1 Presence of YY1 (0.02), 4.05E-12 -18.14 Distance between ETS (0.01) and YY1 (0.02):120 bp, 5.32E-13 -17.23
H2 Presence of YY1 (0.01), 5.43E-10 -22.64 Distance between WT1 (0.02) and YY1 (0.01):40 bp, 1.09E-10 -21.92
H3 Presence of YY1 (0.01), 3.94E-114
Presence of E2F (0.2), 1.54E-33
Presence of ELK1 (0.04), 1.13E-20
-161.70 Distance between YY1 (0.01) and E2F (0.01): 40 bp, 1.67E-121
Distance between ELK1 (0.04) and E2F (0.01): 220 bp, 7.64E-26
H4 Presence of YY1 (0.03), 8.64E-6 -20.56 Distance between YY1 (0.01) and E2F1 (0.1): 520 bp, 8.82E-9 -17.71
H5 Presence of YY1 (0.02), 1.90E-6 -21.39 Distance between YY1 (0.02) and ELK1 (0.01):160 bp, 9.79E-8 -19.98