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Figure 2

From: Not proper ROC curves as new tool for the analysis of differentially expressed genes in microarray experiments

Figure 2

TNRC value for the 1607 top genes selected by ABCR at FDR = 15%, as a function of AUC (Panel A) and t statistics (Panel B). Area I includes genes corresponding to not proper ROC curves (blue circles); Area II includes genes under-expressed in malignant cells (green circles); Area III includes genes over-expressed in malignant cells (red circles); empty circles correspond to unselected genes. Solid lines represent the thresholds corresponding to p = 0.05 for TNRC (horizontal line in Panel A and in Panel B), for AUC (vertical lines in Panel A) and for t statistic (vertical lines in Panel B). Broken lines represent the expected value under the null hypothesis for AUC (Panel A) and for t statistics (Panel B).

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