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Table 3 BLpLog selected genes and the number of correlated

From: Gene and pathway identification with L p penalized Bayesian logistic regression

A3y ID Gene Description # of Corr. Genes
D26600_at (+) Human mRNA for proteasome subunit HsN3 133
M16973_at (-) Human complement protein C8 beta subunit mRNA 124
M63573_at (+) Human secreted cyclophilin-like protein (SCYLP) mRNA 103
U79294_at(-) Human clone 23748 mRNA, complete cds 102
U94586_at(+) ubiquinone oxidoreductase MLRQ subunit mRNA 122
X00274_at(-) Human gene for HLA-DR alpha heavy chain a class II antigen (immune response gene) of the MHC 92
X59798_at (+) Human PRAD1 mRNA for cyclin 107
X69141_at (+) H. sapiens mRNA for squalene synthase 99