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Table 5 BLpLog selected genes and the number of correlated

From: Gene and pathway identification with L p penalized Bayesian logistic regression

AFFY ID Gene Description # of corr Genes
yj12d03.s1 (+) Soares placenta Nb2HP Homo sapiens cDNA clone IMAGE 148517 3 189
245_at(-) HUMLNHR Human lymph node homing receptor mRNA, complete cds 149
32140_at (-) H. sapiens mRNA for mosaic protein LR11 140
33117_r_at (-) oq25a04.s1 Homo sapiens cDNA, 3 end 139
34279_at (+) Homo sapiens mRNA 154
34645_at (-) Human Hums3 mRNA for 40S ribosomal protein s3 76
35628_at (-) Homo sapiens lamin B receptor homolog TM7SF2 mRNA, complete cds 191
36452_at (+) Homo sapiens mRNA for KIAA1029 protein, complete cds 165
37591_at (-) Human uncoupling protein homolog (UCPH) mRNA, complete cds 228
37915_at (+) cDNA DKFZp434H071 (from clone DKFZp434H071) 290
38079_at (+) cDNA DKFZp586B0918 (from clone DKFZp586B0918) 213
40419_at (-) H. sapiens epb72 gene exon 1 204
41213_at (+) H. sapiens mRNA for proliferation associated gene (pag) 158
675_at (-) HUM927A Human interferon-inducible protein 9–27 mRNA, complete cds 210