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Table 5 Ovarian cancer-related TFs and their TRANSFAC entry IDs & descriptions

From: Knowledge-guided multi-scale independent component analysis for biomarker identification

Index TF Name PWM Access No. Consensus Binding Site Factor Description
1 AP-2 M00189 MKCCCSCNGGCG Activator protein 2
2 AP-2alpha M00469 GCCNNNRGS Activating enhancer binding protein 2 alpha
3 AP-2alphaA M01045 ANNGCCTNAGGSNNT Activating protein 2, AP-2A, Ker-1
4 AP-2gamma M00470 GCCYNNGGS Activator protein 2gamma, ERF-1
5 AP-2rep M00933 CCCCGCCCCN Specificity protein1, stimulating protein 1
6 BRCA1 M01082 KTNNGTTG Breast cancer type 1 susceptibility protein
7 E2F M00516 TTTSGCGCGMNR EIIF protein, activator of myc, important for p107 promoter activity
8 Elk-1 M00007 NAAACMGGAAGTNCVH Elk1, member of ETS oncogene family
9 NF-kappaB M00774 NNNNKGGRAANTCCCN Nuclear factor kappa B, p50
10 Sp1 M00933 CCCCGCCCCN Specificity protein1, stimulating protein 1
11 TGIF M00418 AGCTGTCANNA 5'-TG-3' interacting factor, TG-interacting factor, TGFB-induced factor
12 c-Rel M00053 SGGRNTTTCC Nuclear factor kappa B c-Rel, p68
13 P53 M00272 NGRCWTGYCY Tumor protein p53, TRP53
14 ER M00191 NNARGNCANNNTGACCYNN Estrogen receptor