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Figure 2

From: EzArray: A web-based highly automated Affymetrix expression array data management and analysis system

Figure 2

EzArray is a web-based system implemented with advanced web technologies. (A) A screenshot of the EzArray homepage. The most important navigation tool in EzArray is the menu bar under the EzArray logo. However, users can also use the Quick Start pull-down menus, the hyper-linked diagram, or the Quick Start links to get started. (B) Explorer-like online file management and group-based file sharing. While file owners have full control of their files (e.g. create new folders and files, rename or delete existing folders and files), group members can read, copy, and download others' files, but are not allowed to make changes. (C) Full-featured project search and browse tool. Users can browse project information page by page, update the viewing options, perform advanced searches, and download data in spreadsheet format. Similar tools are available for managing sample information and analysis results (not shown).

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