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Figure 3

From: EzArray: A web-based highly automated Affymetrix expression array data management and analysis system

Figure 3

Express Analysis is a fully automated microarray data analysis program. (A) Users can search for GEO DataSets, download CEL supplementary files, and create EzArray projects to analyze previously published data. The sample information is automatically populated in the project based on the subset information stored in GEO GDS records. (B) Selecting samples to start new Express Analysis. While in most cases, default analysis methods and parameters can be used directly due to our built-in logics, experienced users have options to select methods and enter specific analysis parameters. Once the analysis is started, a pop-up window will appear showing currently running jobs. On the pop-up window, users can stop running jobs, remove failed jobs, or review finished jobs. In addition, users do not have to wait for results; instead, they can bookmark the page and come back later to review the results. (C) Example execution results from a run of Express Analysis with data shown in (B). The resulting files, including executed scripts and execution logs, are classified, listed, hyper-linked, and compressed in one file for easy downloading.

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