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Figure 3

From: mtDNAmanager: a Web-based tool for the management and quality analysis of mitochondrial DNA control-region sequences

Figure 3

Sample and match pages of the mtDNAmanager. Upon registration, mtDNAmanager provides Web interfaces that allow users to submit and store their own data in batch mode and search sequences that show a match or include queried nucleotide polymorphisms from their own databases as well as mtDNAmanager's open database. (A) The sample system allows users to manage and analyse large amounts of data in batch mode. Data are characterized whilst being imported by the automatically running haplogroup-estimating workflow, and accordingly, each sample is annotated with the most-probable mtDNA haplogroup (both expected and estimated haplogroups). (B) The match system permits cross-matching of all sequence data between two selected groups as well as retrieval of matched sequences for a sample of the own database of the user or mtDNAmanager's open database. Clicking the "Match All" button will display cross-matched results in a new pop-up window.

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