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Figure 4

From: mtDNAmanager: a Web-based tool for the management and quality analysis of mitochondrial DNA control-region sequences

Figure 4

An example of clerical error detection using mtDNAmanager. (A) Using the match setting, USA.CAU.000272 [1, 52] was analysed with the option that permits mismatch. The results showed that the sequence had no match with European populations, but the retrieved similar sequences containing mismatches all belonged to the T2b haplogroup. In addition, the original sequence was annotated with only the expected haplogroup, T2b. It was suspected that the mutation at 16226 resulted from a clerical error because the mutation motif for the T2b haplogroup suggested that the sequence lacks the 16126 mutation. (B) By clicking "Worldwide Frequency", the rarity of the 16226 mutation was investigated and the results showed that none of the 7090 mtDNA sequences bears this mutation. (C) The corrected sequence [52] was annotated with both the expected and estimated haplogroups of T2b.

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