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Figure 2

From: Models of deletion for visualizing bacterial variation: an application to tuberculosis spoligotypes

Figure 2

Cluster-graph of Cuban data in Diaz et al. [21]with weighted edges. Nodes are labelled with the ST identifier as indicated in SpolDB4 [22], with the cluster size enclosed in parentheses. Where the spoligotype does not appear in SpolDB4, it is called an orphan strain, hence labelled here 'Or' with a number. Sizes of nodes reflect the number of isolates sharing the spoligotype pattern associated with that node. Edges are labelled with corresponding weights that are computed as explained in the text. For example, ST 1 is inferred to have arisen either from ST 1484 (with weight 0.1666), ST 702 (with weight 0.2752) or Or1 (with weight 0.2809). The lengths of edges do not represent evolutionary distance.

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