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Table 1 Comparison with similar tools. Features of different EST analysis and database tools.

From: EST2uni: an open, parallel tool for automated EST analysis and database creation, with a data mining web interface and microarray expression data integration

  PartiGene ParPEST openSputnik ESTAP ESTIMA GARSA PipeOnline EST-PAGE EST2uni
freely available1 X    X X X   X X
based in non-comercial tools X X    X X X X X
parallelized   X        X
expression data integration          X
completely automated   X      X   X
complex data mining2          X
SNPs identification          X
genetic markers integration          X
microsatellites identification    X       X
orthologues identification          X
GO annotation   X X   X    X X
functional motifs identification    X    X    X
  1. 1It means that software package can be free and directly downloaded from Internet for local installation and use.
  2. 2It means the ability to perform complex queries to the database using any combination of EST/unigene annotations as a condition in the query clause.