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Table 3 Posterior mean and credibility interval for ϕ j

From: A Bayesian calibration model for combining different pre-processing methods in Affymetrix chips

  Latin Square data set Real Experiment: HFD vs NFD
  E(ϕ j | y) CI 95% E(ϕ j | y) CI 95%
MAS5 1.382 [1.345–1.417] 1.449 [1.438–1.462]
RMA 1.144 [1.124–1.165] 1.064 [1.056–1.074]
dChip 0.632 [0.623–0.644] 0.648 [0.643–0.653]
  1. Posterior mean and 95% credibility intervals for the relative bias effect ϕ j in the Latin Square data set (left) and in the experimental data analysis that compares the effect of high fat diet (HFD) and normal fat diet (NFD) on adipose tissue of mice (right).