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Table 3 Comparison of performances of detections carried out on the validation set using different threshold values

From: Detection of protein catalytic residues at high precision using local network properties

  Catalytic Functional
Threshold on MDev F-measurea Coverage Precision Precision
MDev1 33.5% 44.4% 31.6% 65.8%
MDev2 27.8% 20% 45.5% 72.7%
  1. Calculations were run on the 8 protein structures of the validation set. Our scoring function (Equation 1) was used, with detection at two different thresholds. Residues were considered as positives (catalytic or functional) if their MDev value was superior to the threshold value. Performances are expressed with respect to the whole set. aValues correspond to measure F1 for MDev1 and F2 for MDev2.