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Table 3 Overlaps between the predicted ncRNA candidates and the previsous predictions

From: An efficient genetic algorithm for structural RNA pairwise alignment and its application to non-coding RNA discovery in yeast

region RNAz QRNA Cofolga
intergenic 39 (5,941) 24 (3,556) 657 (94,705)
coding 45 (6,904) 0 (0) 1,266 (191,052)
known RNAs 11 (1,378) 12 (1,328) 6 (639)
  1. The 'RNAz' and 'QRNA' columns indicate the number of the present S. cerevisiae ncRNA candidates overlapping with those by RNAz [49] and QRNA [4], respectively. In parenthesis, the total length (nt) for each region is mentioned. When ≥ 10% of the nucleotides of a ncRNA candidate overlaps the RNAz or QRNA prediction, we included the ncRNA candidate in the overlapped ncRNA candidates. The 'Cofolga' column indicates the ncRNA candidates predicted by Cofolga2 alone, i.e. novel ncRNA candidates obtained in the present study. Since the ncRNA candidate list of QRNA (Table S1 of [4]) does not contain strand information, we took only positional overlap into account when we examine the overlaps between the present ncRNA candidates and those by QRNA.